Privacy Policy

Information That We Collect

proXPN, B.V. only collects your sign-up information, email, and password. We do not keep logs of connection times, activity, or origin IPs. What we don’t collect cannot be requested.

For Premium Account (paid) users, this also includes payment details such as name and billing cycle as explained below under our log-keeping policy.

Use Of Collected Information

proXPN, B.V. will only use personally identifiable information collected through our web site to contact users regarding only products and services offered by proXPN, B.V. We will NOT share this information with anyone. Period.

Our system only monitors a connection if a user is having connection issues so that we can improve our services to you.

Maintenance of Information

Sign-up information, email, password, and payment details that are maintained on our systems are protected using industry standard security measures.

proXPN's Log Keeping Policy

Our logging policy is quite simple, we don't log anything. We don't log any activity of our users at any time. proXPN = NO LOGS.

Our Canary Policy

As of 2016-09-26 we've not had any gag orders relating to our users or our IP's.

Updated July 20th, 2015